LOGLINE: A game developer who must track down the group sending life changing emails to the public, before he finds himself


LOGLINE: After a stint in rehab, a fame hungry former child star tries to find his way back in the limelight and in the goo


LOGLINE: After the sudden death of his wife, an African American people-pleasing single father begrudgingly starts his life


LOGLINE: A recently homeless fan girl who finally gets onto her favorite TV show, only to be met with her biggest challeng


LOGLINE: After the death of his mother, Mowgli’’s life changes irreversibly as he is forced to move back to the hoo


In 1800’s Virginia, Bakari, a runaway slave, is forced to flee the plantation after a failed escape attempt ends with


When three upper grade students at Avenues decided they wanted to host a TEDx event, they reached out to Mark Gutkowski, di

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